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Introducing the Rockways B Flexi R Flexible 3D Aquarium Background, the perfect addition to any aquarist's tank. This innovative background is made from high-quality, non-toxic materials, ensuring the safety and well-being of your aquatic or reptile pets. The flexible design allows you to easily customise the background to fit the unique shape of your aquarium, while the 3D texture creates a stunning, natural look. Whether you have a aquarium or vivarium, this background is suitable for all types of setups. Enhance the visual appeal of your tank and create a more dynamic environment for your pets with the Rockways B Flexi R Flexible 3D Aquarium Background.


The texture feels just like real rock!


Flexible Material 

The Rockways B Flexi R Flexible 3D Background is manufactured from polyurethane and is ideal for wet and dry environments. They are flat rugged texture rock imitation backgrounds that enhance the appearance of  any aquarium or vivarium. The material is very flexible and you can cut it easily to fit.



  • Excellent method of hiding pipes & wires that impact the look of the aquarium or vivarium
  • Fish will have a more natural environment as they swim along the crevices & rocky surfaces
  • Natural rock-like appearance
  • Can be cut  to the required size very easily
  • Light, strong  & durable
  • Practical and very easy to lift or move around
  • Lightweight design means they do not add too much weight to the aquarium 
  • Not impacted  by water
  • Easy installation & Low maintenance
  • Creates a natural 3D effect as the surface has a number of crevices
  • Inedible to Insects 


A range of sizes, means regardless of what size your aquarium or vivarium is, you can find one that  matches your requirement. 


All Prices are inclusive of VAT. For trade enquiries please contact Rockways on 01376 514345 or email us at


Please Note: All of our products are hand crafted and great care is taken when creating the perfect colours and shades, although this process can be affected by temperature change and may alter the shade slightly.

Rockways B Flexi R Flexible 3D Aquarium Background

  • Relief: 5mm, Approx

    Colour: Sandstone or Grey

    Weight: 2Kg

    Material: Polyurethane

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