With a Rustic Welsh Slate finish and authentic look, the Rockways Atlantis Midi Range Slate Drop will complement any garden scenery and pond. 


Prefer Pondless? Rockways Atlantis Midi Range Slate Drop can also be used in a pondless environment, with the water falling into a hidden sump.


Highly durable, the Rockways Atlantis Midi Range Slate Drop is built to last.


Supplied with built in hose connector and pipe fitting. The hose connector has a thin film over it which needs to be opened up before connecting the fitting. This can be pushed through or cut out.


Recommended Pump Output: 1000 Litres Per Hour


All Prices are inclusive of VAT. For trade enquiries please contact Rockways on 01376 514345 or email us at info@rockways.co.uk


Please Note: All of our products are hand crafted and great care is taken when creating the perfect colours and shades, although this process can be affected by temperature change and may alter the shade slightly.

Rockways Atlantis Midi Range Slate Drop

Colour: Slate
  • Dimensions: 69cm(L) x 49cm(W) x 25cm (H)

    Colour: Rustic Welsh Slate

    Weight: 4Kg

    Recommended Pump 1500ltr

    Material: Polyurethane

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